Welcome to Sacred Passages, journeys of the heart. Together, we are a part of an ongoing spiritual saga, sharing vital inspiration. Our growing awareness is a blossoming continuum, that which enables us to Manifest our brightest dreams!

I’am delighted to share this collection of inspired images derived from my many travels across the planet. This artistry is a tribute to Nature’s beauty and the sustainability of the human spirit. Before us, we behold the miraculous…that which gives rise to infinite creative self-expression. The enclosed images are part of this living legacy. Summoning the power to transform, we are encouraged to creatively awaken from within by honing our keen awareness in every moment.

As a documentary portrayal of evolving life, the enclosed stills share a variety of sacred pilgrimages, blending together glimpses of religious influences, art, architecture, and diverse cultural traditions. Although the landmarks of antiquity have, to large degrees, vanished and only remnants of a long forgotten past remain, that which is steeped in Old World mystery reveals fascinating possibilities concerning unusual lifestyles. Beyond the illusions of seemingly disparate realities, the past, present, and future are continuously forming a living tapestry as one great dynamic Reality.

Much of our journeys are inspired by Nature’s pristine beauty, which is always gifting us with sacred presence. Reveling in the ecstasy of silence inspires great contentment. The grand mosaic of Creation is a treasury of immortal wisdom...a lasting tribute to the perfection of Divine love.


We are now being presented with many spiritual potentials to further explore. What are the dynamics of self-expression and towards what aim? This is the path of the creative artist/ spiritual adventurer with one main goal in mind…personal and collective fulfillment.

Our spiritual values convey a great constancy of purpose, an indelible bonding with the Universe's spirit/soul. Our lives are a living oracle. Every life affirming insight represents a doorway, revealing the inner workings of our sacred journey homeward. In exploring the depth of our shared human experience, our consciousness expands to more fully embrace the wonder of enlightened perception. Each of us must eventually come full circle to embrace the grace of the Universe’s salient wisdom.

Together, may we enjoy the magic and mystery, the wonder of being alive on this magnificent, pulsating planet, and each opportunity to live with heightened creative purpose. Invoking this same quintessential spirit, let us salute Omnipresence and the unified scope of conscious enlightenment. In this peace, joy, and bliss...we are one!



Tapping into the power of spiritual initiative is an integral part of experiencing wondrous destinies. Our awareness broadens as we connect with the intrinsic value within the Universe, thereby highlighting whole new possibilities for self-discovery.

In delving into the unknown, we may wonder about the nature of mystical dimensions of experience, and the influence that self realization has on our lives. In this awakening process,
we learn to skillfully apply the Universe's wisdom via further awakening creative genius. Every "now" moment is vibrantly alive with undreamed of spiritual potentials - appearing as quintessential synchronicities.

Sacred Passages supports this sacred quest for superlative growth and renewal, with the express purpose of maximizing the blessings of conscious evolution. In savoring the enclosed inspired imagery, please enjoy while basking in the golden glow of Divine Omnipresence. Assuredly living enrichment is always available, granting optimal fulfillment via sacred presence.

Thank you for viewing this online photo gallery which represents excerpts from the forthcoming video entitled Sacred Passages.
Stay tuned to this web site for further developments.



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